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This is Google Chrome Bookmarks manager.


  • Can log into Chrome Google account
  • Can retrieve Chrome bookmarks
  • Supports several Google accounts
  • Can add bookmark
  • Can update and delete bookmarks
  • Can move bookmark in the tree
  • Can open shortcut in other browser than Safari
  • Can search bookmarks
  • Shows recently viewed pages history
  • Own proxy
  • Shows web-pages icons near bookmarks
  • Shows bookmarks and subfolders quantity
  • Shows details about bookmarks changes
  • Localized in English, Ukrainian, Russian

Features by versions

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When ChromeSync is useful

Bookmarks on Google, mobile browser - not Chrome

My preffered desktop browser is Chrome therefore I store bookmarks in it.

However on iPhone I don't use Chrome but Safari or other browser.


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Full - functional application costs near $1 and is

Lite version with the only limitation - No more than two levels of hierarchy - is FREE. It is

Why does application Log into my Google account not from my IP?

This application logs into your account from the IP address 77.52.*.

Is this application safe?

This is not original application issued by the Google corporation. This is the third party application that makes possible Chrome bookmarks synchronizing on iPhone.

Therefore your private data including email and password are going to Google through my hands.

  And if you don't trust me then please do not use this application.

From my side I guarantee that my hands and heart are clean, and your credentials are passed to Google in safe and in privacy.